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Welcome to The Inn Between, an LGBTQ community space for roleplaying games, where everyone is welcome.

At our heart is roleplaying games, it's our passion! We believe that playing a character in these stories is an experience like no other. We have nine Dungeons and Dragons campaigns running at the moment. Each one is handcrafted and offers a unique immersive experience. If you’d like to apply to join a D&D group, message us via our contact page.

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  • Best Escapism Ever

    “Listen, I was having such a shitty day because of the job cuts and stuff and once again you literally gave us the best escapism ever. DM’ing is like, such a super power you have, if you don’t know it already … like it’s scary how good you are” – Harris

  • Wicked smart

    "Aidan Ward is an incredible story teller. I cannot believe the twist he pulled this evening. Not only was another player hiding in a closet for an hour and a half waitingfor my dream sequence to start, but I’m now swapping into a group that has been simultaneously running for over a year to play as their character. All thought up by this ingenious individual” – Sergio

  • Immersive!

    “Yesterday’s session was so good, I’m still unpacking how immersive it was, I feel like I watched a movie. The world was so rich in just a few hours of playing!” – Dee

  • Rich Worlds

    “I played two sessions run by Aidan on Saturday. I really loved the rich world they built for us, with ever-changing maps, and really working with players to make it a great story. They were also exceptionally good at balancing the session to make sure everyone got their time to shine. In the second session (evening) they even managed to run two combat encounters in tandem for a split party without making anyone feel left out. So huge shout out to Aidan for two great tables”