• Best Escapism Ever

    “Listen, I was having such a shitty day because of the job cuts and stuff and once again you literally gave us the best escapism ever. DM’ing is like, such a super power you have, if you don’t know it already … like it’s scary how good you are” – Harris

  • Wicked Smart

    "Aidan Ward is an incredible story teller. I cannot believe the twist he pulled this evening. Not only was another player hiding in a closet for an hour and a half waiting for my dream sequence to start, but I’m now swapping into a group that has been simultaneously running for over a year to play as their character. All thought up by this ingenious individual” – Sergio

  • Immersive

    “Yesterday’s session was so good, I’m still unpacking how immersive it was, I feel like I watched a movie. The world was so rich in just a few hours of playing!” – Dee