Established 2022

Our Story ...

The journey of The Inn Between started January of 2022, when the founding member Aidan Ward wanted to start a Dungeon's & Dragons group, and so an advertisement on Meet Up was placed. Not long after the advertisement went live, he had enough members for two groups, and so Aidan became the Dungeon Master for two groups of six. A game where the players from both groups exist in the same story, in a persistent universe where their actions affect the other group.

Then the idea for a board game night was introduced, and what started as a few friends around a table, turned into an event that filled an entire apartment living room. For a while Aidan sacrificed having a couch to make more space for tables. Aidan now lives in a building with an events space, which means the living room is only half filled with tables, and the group has even more space to grow.

A year later, and the group is even larger than the small handful it began with, and is swelling in size. Aidan now runs eight D&D campaigns, which all occur in the same narrative multiverse. Board Game Nights now are a regular occurrence on Thursday nights at 7pm, with themed nights being added for member's birthdays.

The next phase of our development has initiated, with our registration as a limited company. We one day aspire to own a premises to make that safe space we offer a permanent and physical one.